Опасная зона

Опасная зона

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Recently, Ratko Mladić (aka "The Butcher of Bosnia") was captured, 16 years after the Srebrenica massacre. I got interested in the details of the Bosnian civil war after watching the very depressing BBC TV-series "Warriors" many years ago, which deals with events a few years before Srebrenica.

The TV-series illustrate the impotence of the UNPROFOR peacekeeping force during the ethnic cleaning of civil Bosniaks in the Lašva Valley by Croatian nationalists near Vitez in 1992/93. The movie and its characters are fictional, however based on interviews with British UNPROFOR soldiers who served there. The forced passiveness of the soldiers as the crimes took place and the resulting trauma is one of the key themes in this movie.

The TV-series was aired in 1999 and is in two episodes. It can be found on YouTube, divided into 10 minute bits. The start may be a bit slow, but don't let that stop you:


(use link above if embedding below fails)

In 1995 after the second Markale massacre, the Croatian Operation Storm along with massive airstrikes by NATO (Operation Deliberate Force) led to the Dayton agreement which ended the war.

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