Опасная зона

Опасная зона

Monday, May 28, 2012

North Korean Concentration Camps

I wanted to add a note to my previous post about the Korean DMZ:

On Wikipedia there are a few entries about some of the concentration camps in North Korea, certainly worth reading, it will surely ruin your day.
  • Camp 14 - Kaechon internment camp
  • Camp 15 - Yodok concentration camp
  • Camp 18 - Bukchang concentration camp
Update: see also this list of known concentration camps on wikipedia, and an article about human rights in North Korea.

The existence is reported by eyewitnesses. The trustworthy newspaper The Guardian brought this article about Shin In Geun who was born in Camp 14 and actually managed to escape.

It is simply outrageous that these crimes persists for decades without any real progress. I recall the discussions about why German concentration camps were not attacked, even that allies were aware of the crimes that took place there. Again, Wikipedia summarizes this issue in the "Auschwitz Bombing Debate".

If you find Google Maps and Google Earth too void when viewing North Korea, you may want to download a Google Earth addon found here.

Let there be light.

Obviously, any violent intervention with North Korea may result in even worse tragedies, I'll just mention North Korea is one of the most militarized countries, and have a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons, and a nuclear weapons program with an unclear status.

I have no clue what to do about it, but it's a disaster that this condition is retained for decades, apparently with no improvements.


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